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ActiGas® Nanotechnology is the cornerstone of SteriClear’s disinfection range.
What is ActiGas® technology and how does it work?
It all begins when the tablet is dissolved into water, activating the gas molecules and dispersing them throughout the water. The gas molecules are 10 times more water soluble than any chlorine equivalent, enabeling them to reach the targeted area faster and have a larger surface exposure to the target area (resulting in significantly less chemical required compared to the competition). These nano-gas molecules are so small that they can pass right through a reverse-osmosis water filter, allowing them to penetrate right through the cell walls of the bacteria, mould, viruses, spores and fungi. This destroys the unwanted microorganisms from the inside out, denaturing and killing them before they’ve even had a chance to respond.





6X1L Tablets
Makes 6L


30X1L Tablets
Makes 30L


120X1L Tablets
Makes 120L


4X5L Tablets
Makes 20L


40X5L Tablets
Makes 200L


5X10L Tablets
Makes 50L


30X10L Tablets
Makes 300L


10X16L Tablets
Makes 160L


50X16L Tablets
Makes 800L


1X500L Tablets
Makes 500L


2X1L Tablet
1X 1L Spray Bottle  


10X10L Tablet
5X 1L Spray Bottle
10L Tank  


10X16L Tablet
16L Knapsack Sprayer

Who uses this disinfectant
  • The complete consumer food value-chain – retail grocery outlets, fresh fruit & vegetables outlets, butcheries, restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, tuck shops
  • Food and general distribution warehouses
  • Nurseries and Fresh Flower markets
  • Meat processing facilities – abattoirs
  • Packing industry – conveyor belts, crates, storage facilitie
  • Shipping industry- couriers, shipping and transport vehicles, depots
  • Industrial disinfecting – public rest-rooms, sports arenas, shopping malls
  • The whole agricultural sector – farms, dairies, hatcheries and ranches
  • The whole medical sector: hospitals, clinics, doctors, ICU’s, theatres, wards
  • Veterinary practices, vet/animal retail outlets, animal hospitals, wildlife sanctuaries
  • Pet food and animal feed manufacturing facilities
  • Schools and crèches
What is it...
  • A surface disinfectant that kills harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • A surface disinfectant with no toxic chemicals in the formula
  • A blend of natural salts and has a fresh odour
  • Has an efficacy rate of LOG 6,25 in 30 sec- kills 99,999925% of all harmful pathogens
  • Has an ORP in excess of 950mV and is stable in that region for 24hrs
  • Is Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide free
What is it used for
  • It is used to disinfect any hard surfaces and hands
  • It will kill harmful bacteria and viruses on any surface where food or any organic matter is processed
  • It kills 99.999925% of all harmful pathogens
  • It is used for small scale to large scale bulk surface disinfectant applications
What is a Log Reduction

Scientists use a logarithmic scale. Log reduction stands for a 10-fold (or one decimal point) reduction in bacteria, meaning the disinfectant reduces the number of live bacteria by 90 percent for every step.

To help understand the value of each additional “log”, let’s do the math for a small colony of a million MRSA bacteria under the edge of a patient’s table in a hospital:

  • A log 1 kill reduces the colony to 100,000 MRSA bacteria after a 90% reduction;
  • A log 2 kill reduces the colony to 10,000 bacteria after a 99% reduction;
  • A log 3 kill reduces the colony to 1,000 bacteria after a 99.9% reduction;
  • A log 4 kill reduces the colony to 100 bacteria after a 99.99% reduction;
  • A log 5 kill reduces the colony to 10 bacteria after a 99.999% reduction;
  • A log 6 kill reduces the colony to 1 MRSA bacterium after a 99.9999% reduction
  • Our Disinfectant HAS A LOG OF 6,25 KILL RATE IN 30 SEC thus kills 99,999925% of all pathogens
What are the Features and Benefits
  • One small 5.5 gram sachet mixed in 1 litre of tap water kills 99.999925% of all harmful bacteria in minutes
  • Contains zero Chlorine
  • Internationally certified on BS EN 1276:2009
  • SANS 1853:2017 compliant
  • Registered with the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications
  • No toxic chemicals in the formula
  • No need to rinse off surfaces with water after application
  • No need to wipe surfaces dry after application
  • No need to leave surfaces for a “waiting period” while toxicity of the disinfectant “wears off”
  • No need to wear gloves, overalls, safety boots etc. when mixing or applying the solution. Only goggles are indicated to ensure none of the dry powder comes into contact with the eyes as a precautionary measure

The following notorious and well known bacteria are effectively eliminated by our disinfectant (Kills 99.999925% of all harmful pathogens):

  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococus aureus
  • Enterococus hirai
  • Salmonella Typhimurium
  • Lactobacillus brevis
  • Enterobacter cloacta
  • Listeria monocytogenes
  • Shigella dysenteriae
  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
How safe is it

Very safe…the disinfectant is a blend of natural salts with a fresh odour and is Alcohol, Chlorine and Hydrogen Peroxide free. The chemical is safely released into the target area through fogging or spraying. The solution is so safe that it can be directly applied to food and there is no requirement to use protective clothing during application. Once applied, there is no requirement to rinse surfaces, wipe surfaces dry or wait for toxicity to wear off.



Certified on BS EN 1276:2009 – British Standard European Norm International compliance : European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Highest certification norm for independent scientific advice and accreditation for safe food chains All raw materials are safe for humans and animals as per EFSA GlobalGAP compliant.


SANS1853:2017 (SABS regulatory body) COMPLIANT Safety certification for disinfectants used in the food industry National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS) – Registration number: Act5GNR529/293389/140/1087

download the material data safety sheet Download the nrcs registration certificate